Book Reviews

There are many aspects to a good story or series, I have chosen the aspects that are most important to me when reading a book or a series.  I will rate each aspect with stars 0-5 zero of course being you failed miserably and five being pure perfection. (Good luck getting a five)

((Note series are rated both on the series as a whole and each individual book. ))

-Character Development
*** This is a big one for me, I want to see a character go through development from start to finish, I want to see them make mistakes and learn from them. There is nothing worse to me than having a stagnate character . In addition, for the love of god please avoid a martyr complex, no one in their right mind likes a whiny look at poor pitiful me character.

*** Does the story flow properly? Do you start out with medieval technology and then all of a sudden go to having 21st century technology, with no reason or explanation? Or does your story fallow a clear proper timeline?

*** Do you paint a world with your story? Do spend three pages describing a tree that is not even relevant to the plot? (Please don’t do this) Can I relate to your characters and immerse myself in their world?

*** Is your plot unique, or has your story been told a thousand times over, but with different names? Does it engage me or am I left wanting to stop reading half way through? If your story is a series can you carry your plot from one book to the next without the reader getting board?

*** This is not super important, but there have been books, that I have read that have felt rushed, or that just go on and on as if the writer is trying to meet some kind of page count.

-Overall Quality
*** This takes everything into account.




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