Red Queen


Red Queen is a dystopian novel about two classes of people divided by the color of their blood, silver or red. The silvers ie those who have silver blood are the elites and nobles of this world, they have deadly special abilities similar to those seen in Avatar the Last Airbender.   The can weld metal to their wills, air, water, fire, lightning and so forth.  The second set of individuals are the reds ie red blooded,  are far below the silvers they have no abilities and have been taught that they are far weaker and should look up to the silvers as gods. The story’s protagonist Mare Barrow, is a red, she lives in a town that is not much better than a slum and thieves to survive. After a tragic accident with her sister she ends up one night meeting an unusual stranger who ends up giving her the equivalent to a lot of money. The very next day she is summoned to work in the royal court as a servant. Our protagonist also happens to have very bad luck as she falls into a Gladiator style arena, full of powerful, crazy bitches attempting to win the hand of the air to the throne. Who happens to be a very hot firebender …. wait wrong story… Anyway Mare happens to be a huge shock to everyone… also quite literally as she can control lighting. The queen who happens to be a mind reader slash royal B formulates a plane to claim that Mare is the daughter of a fallen war hero who died in battle and she was raised up thinking she was red. Thus begins the story of how Mare survives a castle full of people who she hates and might possibly want her dead.

Classic rags to riches story, with romance and powerful abilities thrown in for good measure.

Character Development: ★★★☆☆
Mare does go through some development, but I feel like she is a bit too whiny.

Consistency: ★☆☆☆☆
There is a lot of inconsistency with the technology in this book. On one hand you have electricity in the palace, but cloths are made by hand. There is aircraft but people are sent into battle with nothing more than guns. I felt like even though the writer is trying to make the two different classes vastly different in their lifestyles it come across as unrealistic. The reds live like they are in medieval times and the silvers have 21st century technology and their is no middle ground between the two classes. Also is this earth? Some areas of the story point to it being a post-apocalyptic earth where others point to a different world altogether.

Detail ★★★★☆:
The writer did a good job on creating the world and characters I felt as though I was able to immerse myself in the story.

Plot ★★☆☆☆:
It’s your basic rags to riches story with romance, betrayal and super powers thrown in.

Overall Quality ★★★☆☆:
It’s not the best book I’ve read but it’s not bad either, so I will give it three stars and would recommend as a casual read.




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